Straight Stair Glide

The straight glides are designed to travel only in a straight line leading from your landing to the top of the staircase. Only staircases built with bends and turns can use the curved glide. Some staircases are built with two sections or more that are completely straight. If so you will need to purchase two separate straight glides.

Straight glides are much easier for people to purchase for their homes because they are less expensive, more common, and take less time for delivery and installation. They do not have to be custom fitted like curved glides – which makes them much more affordable. However, if you feel that the cost is still too high than you can try to purchase a used glide.

Some people are not able to determine whether or not their particular staircase is able to use a straight glide and it is better to know before they purchase one. One way that you will know is to take a 2’ x 4’ straight piece of wood and move it from the top of the staircase to the bottom. If you have the ability to rest it on each step while moving the whole length of the staircase than it is possible to use this type of stair glide. In your home.

There is only one disadvantage to owning a straight glide that people experience when using a straight glide. Usually at the top of the staircase there is a noticeable overhang that can be as small as an inch or as large as a foot.

This can make it difficult for people who use wheelchairs to access the top of the staircase. Because they are forced to stand up a considerable amount and hoist themselves into the chair attached to the rail. People will need to look for this problem and try to determine whether or not they can still use it with this possible problem.

Installing a straight glide is much easier and quicker to do than a curved glide. It also much more affordable for people. Because of this they are able to use more than one if the occasion calls for it. People will also have an easier time looking for a used glide that is straight because it can usually fit most types of straight staircases.