Stair Glides From Stannah

Stannah is one of the oldest stair glide manufacturers that has been around since 1975 – but the history of the company can be traced as far back as 1860. The British family owned company was started by Joseph Stannah. Now the company has grown to offer not only stair glides – but also micro lifts, trolley lifts, passenger lifts, and commercial lifts. They offer high quality products to all of their customers.

The stair glides that Stannah provides are built with some of the best features that help to make them convenient and safe for every type of customer that walks through their doors. Each straight stair glide model that they sell give the user a smooth ride that is noise free. The models are powered by a battery – which can be easily recharge when the chair is at the top or the bottom of the staircase. If the power is cut off the battery reserve system will kick in and still provide you with the access you need.

Most models are built for some of the more narrow sized staircases. Because of this they are equipped with a compact chair and rail. The chair is built to fold upwards when not in use to allow people to walk up and down safely. Users can operate the chair through the easy to use joystick that can be used by people who are left or right handed. It responds easily and quickly with the slightest touch.

The chair will swivel away from the landing when the user is ready to dismount. This makes it easier and safer for them to get off with no fear of falling down the stairs. The chair can be locked when it swivels to the side to make sure that it does not move when the user is dismounting.

Stannah also offers a wide range of curved stair glides that have been built even the most winding of staircases. The rail and chair for these models are also very slim to save room for individuals who need to walk up and down. Stannah can also allow the user to choose which side of the staircase they would like the rail to be.