Stair Glides From Bruno

Michael and Beverly Bruno started their stair glide company more than twenty years ago. They understood the need of supplying their customers only the best and safest products that would grant them access to all areas of their home. Their customer service and high quality products pushed them to become one of the leading manufacturers of stair glides in America.

The company has grown considerably since it first opened and now offers more than 50 various products that aid people have problems with mobility. They sell not only stair glides – but also vehicle lifts, and automotive seating. Their reputation is now known around the world where they serve customers in over twenty different countries.

Bruno manufacturers both straight curved stair glides that are built to handle a limit of 400 pounds. Customers who purchase a stair glide from them will have it installed and serviced by Bruno. The models also come with a five year warranty on the gearbox, rail system, and motor and a two year warranty on the model parts.

Sometimes it takes awhile to install a stair glide – but Bruno prides themselves on spending less than a day to modify the staircase and install the rail and chair for customers. Each model is run on battery power – which has the ability to last close to three to five days before you charge it up. This is one of the mot durable batteries that a model can use and is said to last for three to five years before you need to replace it.

If you are looking for a high quality product that has all of the necessary features (for safety and convenience) at the right price than you should consider Bruno. They have won dozens of awards for offering products that cater to the customer’s needs and allow them to move around with no problems. These are one of the few products that are guaranteed to last for years to come with little to no problems.