Renting Stair Glides

There are two different types of stair glides that include; curved and straight. The price for these different glides can vary and at times can be quite expensive. Obviously the price will depend on the type of model that you need, how long your staircase is, and how long the installation process will take.

Some people are not able to afford the stair glides because their insurance company will not cover the price. That is when people will start to consider the option of renting stair glides. Not many people are aware of this option and will usually only consider purchasing a used glide that may or may not work properly.

Renting a stair glide does have an appeal because it can save you the large sums of money you would spend in buying one out right. The first payment that you will pay for it will be considerably less and you will have the option of paying the manufacturer in monthly payments. But is this enough? Is it really a good idea to rent rather than to buy?

In most cases the only good reason you would have for renting is if you believe you will only be using the glide for a short period of time. I understand that for the majority of people purchasing through monthly payments is more affordable for them. But in the long run you could spend twice as much than you would for a brand new model.

Another disadvantage to renting a stair glide is that they are limited in what they offer. Most companies will only rent out the straight glide models. Also these models might be used and not in the best of shape by the time that they get to you.

Consider the amount of money that you will have to pay out in the initial as well. You could be spending $200- $500 dollars just for a deposit that would cover installation, power supply, and maintenance. This cost does not include the first payment you will make for the stair glide itself.