Curved Stair Glide

The curved stair glide has been built to be used for longer staircases that have bend and corners to them. This type of glide will be custom fitted to ensure that it will not be too long or too short for your home. Because of this you can expect them to be more expensive than the more common straight glide.

Some manufacturers may take between three to ten weeks to build your curved glide and to install it  for you into your home. If you feel that the brand new models are too expensive and you need to spend less money – but have no choice but to use a curved glide you might be able to find one that is used. Keep in mind though that used glides that are curved are hard to come by because they have to fit your Curved Stair Glidestaircase exactly.

Before you purchase one make sure that you will be staying in your home for quite a long time. Many people will purchase a curved glide and a few months later will move to another home.

Because it has been custom fitted it is usually not able to fit into another type of staircase and much therefore stay where it is. Even though you may not be able to take the rail it is possible that you can keep the chair.

Taking care of a curved glide is more expensive than the straight glide because it is working harder to turn at the corners and bends. In order to reduce the stress you might be able to install two separate stair glides. This can only be done if your staircase is built with a flat landing that it turns at. Only do this if you have the ability to move from one stair glide to the other.

People who have a hard time purchasing a curved glide will have many problems. These glides are nearly impossible to find used. Because they are custom fitted to the home they are in they usually will not be able to fit other types of staircases. In fact many people will keep them installed into the home even after they leave.