Stair Glides From Ameriglide

Ameriglide has been producing stair glides for more than twenty years. They offer models that are powered through AC and DC power. AC was always the choice of power when these glides were first produced – but over time many consumers and manufacturers agree that DC power is the only way to go.

AC powered stair glides have cables and wires that run over the floors. We consider this to be a potential hazard because someone can trip over them or shock themselves. Also they are more expensive because you cannot install it without the help of a professional electrician.

The DC powered stair glide model offered by Ameriglide offer a smooth rider of the utmost quality. It is simple and easy for anyone to operate the chair. Because it is DC powered you can even use it during a power outage because it runs on batteries. All you need to remember to do is charge the batteries when the glide is not in use.

One of the most convenient features about the models offered by Ameriglide is that they require little to no maintenance. Most types of stair glides that manufacturers sell are built with gearboxes that have vent plugs. However, the gearbox on Ameriglide models are sealed. This ensures that no oil will leak out of the box and onto your carpet.

The chair that is built onto the glide is quite comfortable and will easily fold upwards when you are not using it. This keeps it out of the way for people who need to walk up and down the stairs. The footrest – which also folds up – can be easily adjusted to allow people of varying heights to use it. The backrest also has three various positions to allow different types of people to use it without any problems.

Besides being comfortable and easy to use the chair is also able to move in a 180 degree angle. This ensures that when people are getting off at the top of the stairs that they are nowhere near the opening. They can disembark without the fear of falling down the treacherous stairs. This is also convenient for disabled users who need wheelchairs. The safety of their customers is everything – which is why they made sure to install a sensor at the footrest that will gently stop the lift is there is something in its way.