Stair Glides From Acorn

In order to purchase a stair glide model for your home you need to be made aware of the many different manufacturers that dedicate their time and money to this business. Understanding who is selling the product and what type of models they sell will help you find something that will meet all of your needs and your budget.

Acorn has been manufacturing and marketing stair glides for more than twenty years. They offer high quality stair glides that offer a smooth trip up and down the rail. It is built with a tube rail and chassis roller system. They offer a variety of curved and straight glide models that are given different features to meet the customer’s needs.

The Superglide is the most popular model that Acorn offers to its customers. This particular model can be used as a straight or curved glide and has been designed with some of the best features that you cannot find on many stair glide models. The chairs are built almost four times bigger than most models – which gives the rider the sense of security and knowledge that they are safe while using the glide.

The entire system is built with the necessary safety features that include a mechanical and electronic braking system and limit sensors at both sides of the rail. The joystick that is used to control the motion of the chair is available as a mechanical joystick or as an infrared remote control. The remote allow two separate users have the ability to operate the lift without the person physically using the glide. This allows someone to bring the chair down to them if it is sitting at the top of the stairs.

The chair is built as a three position swivel seat featured with a locking catch. This enables the user to get on and off the chair easily and without any hassle. This is especially useful when trying to get off at the top of the stairs without the fear of falling down them.

Acorn stair glides are built with five pressure sensitive areas that give it the ability to stop if there is someone or something in its way. These sensors are placed on the footrest, bottom of the chair, and the top of the chair. It is also built with a simple speed limit that keeps the chair from traveling at speeds that are not safe for the user.