Stair Glide

Losing the ability to move around in your own home is a hard thing for many people. Because of this they feel they must now change the way that they live by restricting themselves to the lower levels of their home or by selling the one place that they have lived in for many years.

For many people selling their homes is not an option. Many are not willing to let go of the many memories that they have accumulated over a span of many years. While others are just not able to sell the home for financial reasons. What many people do not know is the option for them to install a stair glide inside of their home.Stair Glide

A stair glide is a special device that is used to carry someone who is unable to walk a flight of stairs up to the top level of their homes. The rail is installed on the side of the stairs next to the wall and will run the length of the staircase. A chair is then placed on top of the rail in which the person can sit in while directing it either to go up or down.

There are two main types of stair glides that can be used in a home that include the straight glide and the curved glide. These special devices run on DC power. This is safer for people to use because there are no wires and it can be used even when the power in the home has been cut. The batteries used to power it can be easily charged when the glide is not in use.

Most of the stair glides that you purchase are built to be quiet and to provide the person with a smooth ride. They are operated through the use of a toggle switch located on the arm of the chair.

Now I know many of you might have found this site because you wanted to know more about Stair Glide or you might want to see it in action or see it work with your own eyes so I have provided this nifty video to give you all that.

You can purchase a stair glide through one of the many stair glide manufacturers. These manufacturers will differ in prices, quality, and durability of the glides that they offer. Just remember to weigh your options and choose the type that will be right for you. If you cannot afford a brand new model you do have the option of purchasing a used stair glide that is in excellent condition.